At S&G Woods, Inc., we blend craftsmanship and creativity to bring you a world of unique, handcrafted treasures. Explore our four distinct branches, each offering its own special touch:

Just For You Resale, curated by Sheila:
Discover the allure of vintage elegance with Sheila’s passion for vintage dinner ware, framed art work, luxurious linens, and an array of charming glass barware. Sheila’s keen eye for collectibles ensures every piece tells a story.

My Wood Shop, where art meets nature:
Step into the natural beauty of outdoor games, garden trellises, birdhouses, planters, and exquisite wooden boxes. From jewelry boxes that hold your cherished treasures to custom wooden signage that leaves a lasting impression, we craft wood into artistry.

Woods Leathercraft, where leather meets craftsmanship:
Explore the world of leather through our carefully handcrafted pouches, wallets, keychains, and bookmarks. Each piece exudes quality and artistry, making them perfect companions for everyday life.

Woods Books, your gateway to literary treasures: Embrace the world of literature with Woods Books, our newest branch dedicated to the love of reading. Dive into a curated collection of used books available through Pango Books platform. From classic novels to contemporary bestsellers, Woods Books offers a diverse range of literary gems waiting to be discovered.

Whether you’re an avid reader seeking your next literary adventure or a collector in search of rare editions, Woods Books brings the written word to your fingertips. Explore our selection of books that spans genres and eras, each page holding the power to transport you to new realms and perspectives.

At S&G Woods, Inc., we believe in the magic of storytelling, and Woods Books is our ode to the written word. Join us on this literary journey and find your next favorite book among our pages.

Indulge your passions and find that special something that speaks to your soul. We invite you to explore our offerings, each a testament to our dedication to the art of creation